Origami Card Case

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Origami Card Case

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This origami card case will hold all your cards and small essential items perfectly, unfortunately for us it has imperfections. Our loss is your gain, we are offering these misfortuned inserts at a discounted price. 

The picture is of the product that we will be sending it to you. 

Please note that the product may have:
-Natural scratches and scars from the cow hide
-Uneven stitching
-Uneven color surface
-Tan mark from sun exposure

* Final Sale, no returns or exchange. Thank you!


This unique card case inspired from a traditional leather craft project, is made from a single piece of leather, holds it together without any stitching.  Not only is it sturdy minimal card case but a great conversation piece as well. This is our card case version of Origami Wallet.

We have been testing and refining the design to make it slim yet versatile. After 2 weeks of everyday use the leather will compress 15-20% making it slim and conforming to the contents.

Great for holding credit cards, business cards, coins, and cash. 

-Hand dyed and hand cut

-2-3 oz veg-tan milled leather

-Ligne 20 heavy-duty snap

-2.25x4 (fits about 7 credit cards and cash)

Read more about the Origami Card Case here.

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