1.61 of Late -Sep&Oct-


We had several events both online and offline in September. Started off with Downtown Flea,  then Re-Draw Showcase, Huckberry, Refinery 29, and The Pond LA. It was such a packed schedule, we don't even know how we managed it!

We kicked off September with DowntownFlea. We had a great time with our neighbor B.Poy & Jo as usual, and we saw a lot of familiar faces. It was so nice to see our customers back again. 

For the Design Showcase event we had several meetings with Re-Draw. Their light filled studio is just amazing! They fixed up this abandoned space in less than 3 months, and turned it into total gem. Re-draw is a furniture design studio funded by 6 guys who were childhood friends. They all have different backgrounds and took different path in their life, but they all quit their job and started a business together. Their furniture is very unique and nothing like what you will typically see in current furniture. Everything they make is from recycled materials, they will travel down the coast just to find the perfect source for materials. 

And in the meantime, we also worked on our online events. We were very honored to work with 2 great companies, Huckberry and Refinery 29. Both events happened around the same time, which worked out great because we were able to reach out to bigger crowd; both men and women. 

These beautiful nude colored items went to Australia! New online boutique Rüs Collective features sophisticated clothes and goods from all over the world. Their look is casual yet edgy and fresh. We love their great sense of color, confident style and attitude . They now carry selected items from 1.61 :)

The Design Showcase with Re-Draw was a blast! We are so lucky to be friends with these talented people and got invited to have an event with them. Thank you for everyone who came out! We even ran into our friends from school, and re-connected with them. Los Angeles is a big city, but times like these it sure feels small ;-)

On the side note, there's a new coffee joint in our neighborhood! It is none the other, Stumptown Coffee. As you can see, it is a beautiful space with great coffee. We are so happy to have them as a new member of Downtown Los Angeles. During our crazy september month, we stopped by here often to keep our fuel going. (In fact, we are so excited about the new coffee scene in DTLA, next blog post is about coffee! Stay tuned!)

And the last of the events was The Pond LA. The Retail Pond is Vancouver based company promotes supporting local business. The Pond LA was their inaugural event to start Los Angeles Chapter. They carefully hand selected Los Angeles based makers and designers. It was such a great list of companies, we were so humbled to be invited and able to participate the event. It was held in a beautiful loft overlooking the city, and the set was designed by talented Andy Byers. We met many great people behind the brands, was such a pleasure to get to know them. 

October has been a catch-up month for the whirlwind september. But we are also preparing new items for West Coast Craft and getting ready to celebrate East Fork Supply Co.'s 1 year anniversary in November. So excited to participate both events and can't wait to meet new friends! We will write more about EFSCO and WCC, and share some pictures of prep process here soon.