We love our awesome customers


Don't get me wrong, all customers are awesome. They are the reason we are able to provide the products we offer. But some customers are so excited about the products they have to tell us or even show us!

One particular customer, Tom, runs a great blog Went Sketching, features reviews of stationaries and his really awesome sketches/illustrations. He recently posted a blog post reviewing our Field Notes notebook cover from sample sale. We were so ecstatic seeing the review on his blog and always love seeing what our customers think of our products. 

One of the many great sketches you can find on Tom's blog.


Amazing hand-written envelope! Just the envelope alone is worth keeping.

A couple days later we received a beautifully scribed envelope which contained an awesome sketch done by Tom! We were floored because we have never received a sketch from a customer! It will definitely be something we cherish for a very long time. I guess this is our first fan mail, haha! ;-)

Tom's sketch on the wrapping paper we sent his notebook in.

Tom , (and all the other customers out there,) thank you for supporting us and we hope your purchase serves you well for years to come!

Love how cleverly he used our stamped logo as a shield. Very cool!