Unfolding the Origami Card Case


How we use our Origami Card Case


A card-wallet is great as a small wallet alternative, but we have seen many sewn-card-wallets fall apart from a long term use. Sadly the product life of a typical card wallet is usually short. 

Our Origami Bill Fold Wallet and Card Case

The Origami Product Series first started from full size bill wallets. No stitching, shaped just by tab and slot construction. We decided to apply our Origami Wallet method to a card wallet.


Our origami card case is simple. No frills, but it does its job perfectly. And because it is so simple, it is also very versatile.

On average you can hold up to 10-12 debit/credit cards. 
Vegetable tanned leather will stretch gracefully to your case contents. The wallet will shape into a beautifully molded case that protects your cards minimally yet perfectly.

Typical card cases, you can only put 2-3 cards in a slot, or else the seam will bust out. Sewn seams are the weakest points for any wallets and bags.  
1.61 Origami Case Case has eliminated that weak spots and achieved the longevity of wallet life. In pictures below,  you can see how my card case has transformed after 2 years of use.

Brand new Origami Card Case and 2 years old Card Case

With, and without cards inside. You can see the thickness difference.

Without contents. 2 Years old Card Case has stretched out on the side.

Side view comparison, you can really see depth of these 2 cases are different.

If you look at the side view of my case, you can see how it stretched, and gives more width compare to the brand new case. It has formed to my case contents, without looking damaged. The transformation will happen naturally and gradually, and it will not compromise the functionality of the case. 


But you can't only carry "plastics", still need to have at least few bills with you, right? No worries, I am here to teach you a little trick.
For bills, I simply fold it half, and then insert it to the back of the case. ....and then, just close it! 
Yes, you don't need to worry about crinkle nasty looking bills even when you only carry this small card case.


Fold the bills to half, and put it in. That's it!


The Origami Card Case was designed primarily as a wallet but is also a perfect size for business cards. In the picture below,it holds 12 of our company cards and 4 of personal calling cards

With 16 business cards inside

The card case has stretched out to its contents.

Our company business card is a bit thicker than regular cards, but the case still holds enough cards comfortably.


The case is called "Card Case" but you can also hold non-card items.

Gum, lotions, lipstick, stamps.

You can also put coins, usb memory sticks and memory cards, supplements, rings and valuables while traveling, and... you get the idea ;)


Last but not least, we like the understated and subtle look of the case. At first glance, it resembles an envelope. But that is not to mimic the look of an envelope, instead the look came from the purpose to achieve durability.  Our goal is to have products that functions well, AND also looks good. This Origami Card Case embodies 1.61's core design philosophy.


And as a bonus, you can keep your little lucky charm behind the tabs of the card case.... I neatly tacked my good luck $2 bill, so it is always there close to me... ;-)

Check out our card case in our shop, and we also have bigger version as a passport/traveling wallet, and the original Origami bill fold.