A Practical Guide to Long Flights

How to prepare for a long flight

We have been traveling a lot this past year and the start of each trip began with a flight and has been punctuated with a flight. Being comfortable on a long trip could be a deciding factor of your attitude during your entire vacation. In this guide I will show you what I bring on each trip and why I bring it. 

Essentials I bring (I pack for comfort!):

Travel Kit


The bare necessities to be comfortable on a plane for me is: a neck pillow, noise cancelling headphones, bluetooth transmitter, phone, and Benadryl. With these I can tune everything out and relax, just go to sleep and the flight is over before you know it.


I take all of my valuable electronics on the plane. Checking valuables is ill advised so I keep the expensive parts in my carry-on. I leave the battery chargers and the accessories in my check-in. When traveling I will bring my laptop, my camera, my Go Pro, and my Nintendo 3DS. On the plane I seldom use my cameras so those would be at the bottom of my bag. For long flights I will use my noise-cancelling headphones (a must) to sleep/watch movies/listen to music.

Bags to take:

Cord bag:

Prototype Daily Pouch-I mainly use prototypes for bags since we have to make a few of them before we get the product we want perfected for production. Any small bag would work for this.


Commuter Roll-Top Pack- I like that our bag compresses and it is easy to access the main compartment without unrolling the top. This bag easily fits under the seat in front of you but you may be without leg space if you pack it so full the seams are bulging.

I like to assign each pocket a specific purpose so I know exactly what I have in the pack and where it is. In the front compartment I keep. 

  • Main Compartment
    • 3DS
    • External Battery
    • Emergency Delay Bag
    • Headphones
    • Extra Clothes
    • Camera
  • Top Pocket
    • Sunglasses or glasses case
  • Side Pocket
    • Passport
    • Foreign Currency Wallet
  • Water Bottle Pocket
    • Cord bag
  • Front Pocket
    • Notebook
    • Pen case

Emergency delay bag:

Prototype Leather Pouch-We actually don't have this bag on the site. It is still in its testing phase, I suppose. I have been on flights that had a 12 hour delay then was canceled, then another 12 hour delay the next day. I now pack an emergency delay bag to freshen up in the bathroom or lounge area. For sizing I would suggest it needs to be smaller than a duffle but larger than a dopp kit.


If I am traveling with friends or family I like to bring snacks to share, something to satiate our hunger while we wait for the delicious economy class airline food ::sarcasm::. I grab a back of trail mix from my go to snack place: Target. Surprisingly they have a really diverse selection of trail mix and nuts. 


One of the most important aspects of travel. If you are not comfortable you will be miserable when you land.  When you travel a lot it will seem like everyone travels in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. If you do that, awesome, but I don't like going outside looking like I just woke up from a 2 o'clock nap. I try to travel in functional everyday clothing. Lately I have been wearing vintage military pants which are great for layering as they are loose. The fabric is thin enough that if feels like wearing sweatpants but look somewhat more presentable. I wear a t-shirt, a zip up hoodie, and I bring and extra sweatshirt. As for the shoes I would suggest something that slips on and off easily.  Though bulky I wear my Flyknit AirMax 360s as they are comfy and are easy to get on and off.  It really doesn't matter what you wear as long as it is loose easy to take on and off and you can easily layer it. 


Nintendo 3DS: Great for when you feel extra bored. Also, the airport is a great place to gather Street Passes from all over the world!

Extra Clothes: If you have a fear of a super long delay or you fear losing your luggage having a change of undies and a shirt would make a world of a difference.

Empty Slim Water Bottle: If you feel the free drinks are not enough then packing a foldable water bottle and filling it up past security would help keep you hydrated.

Benadryl: If you need a little something to help you sleep Benadryl helps me everytime.

External Battery: Not all flights have power. Being able to have peace of mind that you will have a full battery when you land is awesome. 

Snacks: Help keep you sated on those had to have budget flight tickets.

Foreign Currency Wallet: It is nice to keep things separated so you do not have much bulk.

The 3DS XL fits perfectly in the small pouch!

The 3DS XL fits perfectly in the small pouch!

I am by no means a minimalist when it comes to traveling. I like to be comfortable and have my things, and I think that is okay. I have a lot of bags in bags to keep things organized and easy to find. Having bags in bags makes it a lot easier to pack as well. I have a peace of mind that I have what I need to be comfortable.

What do you take that keeps you comfortable when you fly?

Happy travels!