Preparation for West Coast Craft


This week, we are heading the San Francisco to attend West Coast Craft. WCC is 2 day event featuring vendors from West Coast of the US. There will be variety of makers, brands, and food vendors. It will be held in Historic Fort Mason Center, right by fisherman's wharf. We are so excited to be part of this 2 day festivity, and enjoy staying in the city! But of course, before all that, we have to prepare...

First thing, we had to downsize our entire booth setup. 

We've been fortunate to have great events around the workshop, so we did not mind to make a couple of trips back and forth to setup our display. Now that we have to drive quite a bit further we decided to minimize the size so that we can fit it nicely to our car. We made our booth wall panels more compact so the 7ft wall will not hang outside of the car. 

Since we are trying to shrink everything down to make it easier to transport, we decided to make a collapsible stool. We got the stool inspiration from this DIY project online.  We repurposed left over wood pieces from our Leather Strap Shelf boards, scrap leather pieces, waxed canvas, and hardwares from Home Depot. 

Since we will be able to show our works in person to our customers, we decided to add wood options to our Leather Strap Shelf. These wood are much heavier and denser than Pine wood boards that we regularly offer, so we thought this would be a good opportunity for us to see if there will be a demand for different wood options. Understanding what customers want always is our number one priority, and the needs are always changing. It is great to see the reactions and response to our products in person.

The wood we chose for the show is: Maple, Cherry and Walnut. Maple is lighter hue, very close to white, it is similar to Pine we use. Cherry has warmer hue, almost looks pink, the color is close the natural leather strap we offer.  And Walnut has dark rich brown tone, with beautiful grain. 

We hand sanded each edges carefully to give little bit of rounded corners. Then we apply a little bit of bee's wax. Once the wax was applied, it brings out all the beauty that the wood has. 

And then, inventory check. Making sure we have all the stuff! When it comes to storing, leather items are little bit tricky. We need to avoid sunlight from damaging our natural colored leather times, and also have to separate them from darker colored leathers. We have learned it from the hard ways in the past...!

We are also working on new items that will debut at WCC; hand-dyed camo, denim hat, new backpack, and iPhone Sleeves. 

If you are in the SF area come and hang out with us at West Coast Craft . It will be fun! ~~~~~~~~~~ 


Unique LA x 1.61 Soft Goods


Last Saturday, we had a vender meeting for Unique LA Spring Show. Unique LA is a 2 day event celebrating all thing American made. We are so honored to be part of the event as a local maker from Downtown Los Angeles!


The poster!


Beautiful Downtown LA Arts District.


We have done pop-up shop events before, but this will be our biggest. Naturally we are excited and overwhelmed at the same time!

It's been busy over here at the workshop planning for our booth design, productions, signage, etc... We've also made prototypes for new products that will be released at the event. We worked with Re-Opening to create limited edition leather items that will be featured at the show. Stay tuned, we will share more about that here;)

As we were leaving the meeting we picked up our marketing material to pass out. To our surprise we are featured on the postcard/flyer of the Unique LA Spring Show along with 8 other great brands. We are so flattered, but now we know our bar has been raised!

The show is on May 11th and 12th, at California Market Center Penthouse in Downtown Los Angeles, Fashion District. $10 for admission, includes free tote bag, free drink, picture booth, and DIY workshop. (and beautiful Downtown LA view!)

Mark your calender and hope to see you there!


Do you spot us?