Love Notes


The Leather Field Notes Cover is one of our best selling item. We designed the item picturing our customers using it daily and very much a part of their everyday life. Needles to say, it is one of our favorite items, and we want to dedicate this post for our beloved notebook cover. We would like to share how we use them and why we love them. This is our love letter to 1.61 Leather Field Notes Cover...

Here at the workshop, we use our notebook cover everyday. These notebooks (shown in the picture below) started to show the beautiful aging process. The colors are getting darker, and texture is softer and smoother. More we use them more we get emotionally attached to them. At pop-up store events, we usually bring these covers with us, to show an example of aging process. Interestingly enough, at least a few customers will ask if these aged covers are for sale! The leather has the soft shine/glow and nicely rounded edges, we think these characteristics attract people.  

Our latest addition to the Notebook Cover family is made from Crazy Horse leather.  It has rugged and rough look, but it has soft velvety feel and a great pul-lup. If you enjoy the transformation of leather, this is a great one to have. By using it daily and keeping it in your back pocket, the cover will start to show different scratch marks and stains. It tells a great story of who you are.

We keep multiple notebooks around the shop, assign each for different purposes. These notebooks are filled with production notes, order details, just-for-fun drawings, sketched-out ideas, and even a simple shopping list.

Since Field Notes is very thin and light weight, we usually carry 2-3 notebooks at the same time. It helps us to stay organized by separating notebooks.  What we love about the covers is that they keep the notebooks from being damaged by everyday use and also we can easily identify which notebook we are looking for at the moment. 

We used to use the classic moleskine sketchbook. Still love the sketchbook very much for it's high quality and the size, but as our lifestyle changes, we find that keeping multiple small notebooks is more practical and portable. Once a notebook is filled up, we simply put it in the archive box, and replace it with a new notebook.

Some of our retired notebooks.

Notebook Cover Fan Picture from Angie in LA. She switched the bungee cord to different colors!

There are many other great ways to use this notebook cover too! Customers have told us that they use it to keep their expenses (perfect to keep the receipts together), a present for her boyfriend who is a writer, and even a customized pair of covers for the newly-weds. How do/would you use the notebook cover?

This minimal leather cover has endless possibilities!