WCC Wrap Up


Here is our long over due report of our West Coast Craft show. 

In mid Nov, we drove up to San Francisco to participate West Coast Craft. We met a lot of great people and the experience was so much greater than we could have ever expected. 

The event was held in the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion; surrounded by the beautiful Pacific Ocean, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Four Barrel coffee had a coffee shop setup outside both days serving freshly made, delicious coffee. I dont think we would have survived the event without their hot cups of coffee!

Friday, the day before the show, was our setup day. We had all day to ourselves to set up and make sure everything was in the right place. The WCC staff was very organized and helped everyone load-in and setup their booths. I think this was one of the easiest setup days we ever had.

And so it begins! The morning of the both days were pretty cold from the chilly ocean air, but we actually really enjoyed it since we don't get much of that in Southern California. And the festival pavilion is equipped with overhead heaters, it is such a fantastic facility!

Fort Mason was also a great location for the event, it attracted a variety of people. A crowd from the weekly farmer's market,  joggers running along the coast, and the visitors from galleries and restaurants of Fort Mason. 

Smart Car test drive at WCC. 

Not to mention there were so many other great vendors. We wish we had more time to roam around and check out other booths. The WCC staff curated a top-notch group of west coast designers and makers. We are so grateful to be a part of the event. Just to be in the company of great talent gave us a lot of inspiration. 

 Beautiful pots and t-shirts from TW Workshop.

Around 3 PM the afternoon light hit our booth. The golden colored sunlight made our products glow. 

We love to meet our customers in person! Angela bought our roll-top backpack about a year ago, and she dropped by and showed us her pack! So happy to see our product with a great person :) 

 Angela with 1.61 Roll top back pack!

The event was a total blast, and we had so much fun with our friends and customers. Thank you for those who came out, and to the WCC staff for organizing this great event!! 

WCC posters, postcards, and "West Coasters" 

 WCC totes!