Scout Mob Shoppe x 1.61 Soft Goods


Scout mob is a online service that celebrates local communities. They discover local business and makers, and support the neighborhoods' culture through their app and website.

For the past month, we've been working with the folks from Scout Mob for the shoppe feature. We took some photographs around the workshop to share some of our process, and also wrote up the concepts and thoughts behind our brand.  And today, Scout Mob Shoppe x 1.61 Soft Goods is live!

They've done a fantastic job showing who we are as Los Angeles' local maker. We are very happy and excited about this little web storefront :) Thank you Scout Mob!

Can't wait to send these awesome stickers and thank you cards with our products!

Check out the Shoppe,  get yourself some local goodness and deals!


Website is up!


We have been selling on Etsy for the past year and decided that limitations (specifically the amount of photos) on Etsy were not on par with what we want to present to you, our customers. While we will still be selling on Etsy we decided an online storefront would better represent our brand and message we would want to convey.

So I present our first storefront, our plan is to have a regularly updated inventory and gateway that customers can not only shop but get the latest updates on the happenings around the shop. Welcome, and thank you for stopping by!