Workshop 1.61/ Los angeles


Our first workshop was located on the edge of Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles.
The building used to be a bakery of
Homeboy Industries, it had the original details and charm of a factory facility.
It came as an empty box. Just a kitchenette and a bathroom, and a big open room. Wes and his dad worked on the weekends, and built out a loft together.
We gathered up old tools from both of our grandparents, filled the space with eclectic artifacts, and started our journey of 1.61 Soft Goods.


1.61 Soft Goods is a handmade design studio that specializes in soft goods and leather goods.

Our studio is located and operated in the edge of Downtown Los Angeles, Arts District. Each product is hand crafted individually with care, from start to finish in our workshop. 

In order to ensure durability, we use traditional methods to construct each product. The minimal design accentuates each product’s high quality, material, and its core function. We strive to make quality products that will grow with our customer.

We enjoy the whole process of designing to making the products.