Baum Kuchen is a studio/store focused on analog goods that make everyday more special and enjoyable. We have on-going collaboration projects going on with Baum-Kuchen team.

Our very first project was Leather Inserts for Traveler"s Notebook. Baum-Kuchen is one of the first US retailer who introduced Traveler"s Notebook to the market, since then they have created a big enthusiastic followers of TN community. While we love the functionality and versatility of the TN Notebooks and TN Notebook Cover, we felt that it lacks capacity to hold tools. That is how we began TN Leather Insert series. This project is still evolving till this day, we constantly go back and making improvements to the inserts. We are excited to be able to contribute to the TN community through Baum-Kuchen and these products. 

Other notable project is Market Basket. We first started to design the basket for BK in-store shopping basket, but quickly realized that the basket has so much more potential. After many rounds of prototyping, product testing, email correspondence and meetings, we finally finish the project over the course of 6 months. 

1.61 Soft Goods x Baum-Kuchen Products